Dan Grimsbo Announces Candidacy for Corpus Christi City Council District 4

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Upon retiring from six years as an outstanding leader for the City of Corpus Christi where he received numerous awards. Dan Grimsbo elects to continue service as a city councilman.

As the Executive Director of the City of Corpus Water Utilities Dept. from 2016-2020, Dan garnered multiple awards for the city. He also served as the Director of Development Services from 2014 - 2016.

Dan is confident that his life experiences will allow him, as a Council Member, to elevate public safety, to provide a healthier quality of life with improved infrastructure, and to increase career opportunities.”

Dan and his family moved to the City of Corpus Christi in 2005, when he was stationed to #NavalAirStation (NAS) Corpus Christi. It was here that he completed his 21 years of distinguished Naval Service.After his naval retirement, Dan continued working at NAS Corpus Christi Public Works Department as a professional civil engineer. He then transitioned to the City of Corpus as the Executive Director of Water Utilities until his retirement in March of 2020. After multiple family relocations across the United States, Dan and his family feel fortunate to have spent the last 15 years in the City of Corpus Christi and have fully embraced this city has their forever home.

Throughout his career, three pillars formed the foundation of Dan’s professional principals: 1) work hard, 2) take care of his team, and 3) always be willing to take on the next challenge. With these principals and his proven record of leadership, he is running for City Council District - 4. Dan will work hard to ensure continued outstanding public safety, sustainable water sources, modernization of the city’s infrastructure, all the while continuing to promote the charm and small-town character this city has to offer residents and businesses.

All Dan’s success would be nothing without his amazing family at his side. Dan and Mary have been married for 35 years and have enjoyed, with their two sons, Daniel and Matthew, the many adventures that have come their way. Both Daniel and Matthew graduated from Flour Bluff High School and continued their education graduating from Texas A&M University Kingsville #TAMUK and #BaylorUniversity, respectively. Today, Daniel is married to Dina and is working in IT, while Matthew is working hard to complete his last year of medical school.

Serving District - 4

When Dan enlisted into the #Navy, he confirmed a commitment to serve the people of this nation. In seeking election for #CityCouncil, Dan is making that same unwavering commitment to serve the residents, communities, and businesses, with respect, an open-mind, and an eye towards progress.

Throughout Dan’s duty assignments and travels, both across the #UnitedStated and overseas, he has seen the significant value that diversity of people and cultures brings to a community. Dan is proud to live in a community that has this diversity and he will help foster the growth and understanding that it builds.

Dan is confident that his life experiences will allow him, as a #CouncilMember, to elevate #publicsafety, to provide a healthier quality of life with #improvedinfrastructure, and to increase #careeropportunities.

Through responsible city growth. Dan pledges to the residents and businesses of District - 4, with your support and approval, he will make every effort to ensure this District and the city is successful, through diversity, team building, and most importantly, listening to you and participating in dialogue about ways we together can lead our city into a prosperous future.

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