Who is Dan Grimsbo?

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Although you may not know his name, if you have lived in Corpus Christi during the last four years, your life has been affected by Dan Grimsbo.

Dan Grimsbo PE, AICP, CEM

Running for the City of Corpus Christi, City Council District 4

Corpus Christi, Texas Area

“Those of you living in #CorpusChristi more than a few years, remember when #boilbans on our public water were common. #ErinBrockovich was even called in to help in 2016. #DanGrimsbo is the reason you newer arrivals don't know about the frequent water boil bans.”

  • DAN GRIMSBO - City of Corpus Christi Water Utilities

  • Executive Direct of Water Utilities, City of Corpus Christi, TX, 08/2018 – 03/2020 (retired);

  • Interim Executive Direct of Water Utilities, City of Corpus Christi, TX, 02/2017 – 06/2018;and

  • Interim Director of Water Utilities, City of Corpus Christi, TX, 01/2016 – 02/2017

Under the direction of Dan Grimsbo, the City of Corpus Christi completely overhauled it's municipal water system, and received numerous awards for it's progress.

In 2016 Erin Brockovich was called in on the seventh day of a city wide boil ban.

In 2019 the Water Department Won Two National Environmental Achievement Awards for Public Information and Workforce Development.

When I heard Dan was retiring, I asked him "Does this mean we are going back to boil bans? His response was, no, the people running the water department are all well trained and will continue to provide excellent public drinking water to Corpus Christi and Port Aransas.

Congratulations to the entire Water Department team for winning two(2) awards from the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA).

NACWA is the nation’s recognized leader in legislative, regulatory and legal clean water advocacy – helping ensure a strong, sustainable clean water future.

These annual awards recognize organizations that have outstanding contributions to environmental protection and the clean water community. The two National Environmental Achievement Awards the Water Department won are:

  1. Public Information & Education Award – The Public Information & Education Awards honor agencies for their inventive efforts to educate the public on the effects of wastewater treatment and pollution control on the environment. To qualify, the program, publication, video or e-media must have been produced by the agency staff or by an outside vendor at the express direction of the agency and must cover some aspect of the agency’s operations. Materials must have been produced for general use or distribution.

  2. Workforce Development Award – This award is presented for an outstanding project or program which embodies effective, sustainable solutions that address the need for a qualified, diverse, and knowledgeable utility workforce.

Dan Grimsbo - City of Corpus Christi Executive Direct of Water Utilities
Dan Grimsbo - City of Corpus Christi

Special Congratulatory Message From Dan Grimsbo, Executive Director of Water Utilities – “As many know, I am a strong advocate for training and specifically for achieving one’s Professional License, Certification and Education. Many across the Water department have stepped up to earned their professional certifications.  In addition, the entire team has been working hard for public outreach and education through multiple channels to include social media, the City’s webpage, providing presentations at town hall meetings, conferences, and community groups, and in-person with utilities first responders, booths at HEB and City Hall at the Mall, to name a few.  Bravo Zulu (BZ!) to the entire team for your personal achievements and team achievements that make this City a great place to work and without fail, providing highest quality services to our residents every single day.”

* Erin Brockovich: Water quality expert to visit Corpus Christi http://archive.caller.com/topstories/380154951.html

* Water Department Wins - http://www.learningcc.org/news/water-department-wins-two-national-awards-for-public-information-and-workforce-development/

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