Key Issues Facing Corpus Christi

When I decided to run for City Council after retiring, family and friends asked me why I was running for council. I let them know I have been providing public service for many years (a lifetime) and wanted to continue that same commitment to the city I now call home. I have listed below, a few of the key issues I currently see facing our city.

1. Elevate Public Safety

With the future growth of the city, the need for public safety will only increase, given that public safety is a high priority for residents and businesses.  The Police and Fire Departments have been instrumental in the success of our city and this must continue.  Public safety will need to adapt to an ever changing world and this will take coordination among traditional and nontraditional public safety agencies, increase staffing capacity that best supports the community, and strong support from city leadership.


There is not going to be a single solution, so as your city council representative, I will participate in honest dialogue with residents and businesses, together with public safety agencies and city leadership to provide public safety that meets the future needs of our city.

2. Quality of Life

Provide a healthier quality of life with improved streets, water and wastewater infrastructures


The city’s residents and businesses want safe, reliable, and efficient, street, water and wastewater infrastructure. These infrastructures provide for the well being of our city, protect our surrounding environment, and ensure strong economic growth. For too long, residents and businesses have endured our ageing infrastructure leading to lost productivity and revenue.


To provide a healthier quality of life for our city, I will work to maintain and modernize our city’s infrastructure through long-term planning and investments, together with fiscal responsibility.

3. Increase Career Opportunities

To be a competitive city, we need to successfully recruit businesses and industries across all business sectors.  As city leaders, we also have to understand that competing and operating in a global marketplace our city must have supporting infrastructure and a diverse workforce.  The pace of technology is accelerating and we need to recognize that energy growth alone will not make the city competitive.


To increase career opportunities, diversification across all business sectors will be needed. As your city council representative, I will work to diversify the city by supporting high quality education, comprehensive public safety, state of the art infrastructures, and an active quality of life outside the work week.